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Choosing a salad when dining out can be a good way to eat more vegetables and fruit – which are associated with a lower risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancers. Overall, 83% of restaurants in MenuStat serve salads in 2015, and many offer multiple options. On average, there are 455 calories in a salad in 2015; however 5% of salads contain over 1,000 calories in the same year. In 2014, salads contained more calories on average (492) and a higher percentage of salads had more than 1,000 calories (8%) than in 2015.

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Explore the Results

  • View the total number of restaurants that serve salads, and the average calories in those salads, by expanding the Summary Data section on the bottom left of the results page.
  • Expand the Nutrients filter and move the dials on the calories scale to look at items within a specific range of calories.
  • Export each year of results separately to run your own analysis.
  • To compare across years, click on the name of a menu item in the table to see all available nutrition information across years or repeat the same steps above, but select another year under the Dates filter.
  • Click “Export Data” to analyze the data further.

Restaurant nutrition information is not standardized and may be presented inconsistently between and within restaurants. Items with missing nutrition may skew results.


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